Equal Rights Center

Best Practices for Ensuring that Criminal Records Screening Policies & Practices Comply with Fair Ho...

This course will give housing providers best practices for ensuring that their housing related criminal records screening policies & practices align with the Fair Housing Act and recent guidance from HUD. This course takes approx. 1.5 hrs to complete.

USD 25.00

Effective Communication in Housing – How to Comply with Federal and Local Fair Housing Requirements

This webinar focuses on effective communication skills using fair housing examples. The training covers the background and history of Fair Housing.

USD 55.00

General Fair Housing

This course covers basic fair housing and nondiscrimination guidelines as regulated by the Fair Housing Act. It is appropriate for leasing/sales agents, human resources departments, maintenance personnel, and executive management.

USD 55.00

Guía de Accesibilidad para Viviendas Multifamiliares

En esta capacitación hablaremos de los requisitos de accesibilidad de la Ley de Vivienda Justa, la cual es una ley de derechos civiles inicialmente aprobada en 1968, que se enmendó como la Ley de Enmiendas a la Vivienda Justa en 1988.

USD 55.00

Guide to Multifamily Housing

This course provides a basic overview on maintaining compliance with accessibility laws, specifically covering the Fair Housing Act accessibility requirements.